About El-Mundo | Bern

Who we are

A team of artists transforms your body in a professional way.

Founded by Mathias Schranz, El Mundo has become a household name for high-scale piercing and tattoo art. At two locations in the heart of Bern, we take care of the wishes of our customers. Have a look and get advice without obligation.


1. If you are looking for new jewelry suitable for your piercing, you will find in our shop on two floors a huge selection of piercing jewelry and an expert team to help you with advice and deeds.

2. We are a professionally managed piercing studio and stand up for a reasonable handling of piercings. Our four piercers will inform you in detail about all essential aspects before each appointment and will be happy to advise you without obligation.

3. A tattoo accompanies you for a lifetime, so we rely on careful choice of motif and sustainability in quality. Our two tattooists will accompany you from the development of ideas to your effective desired tattoo.