Magnetic implant



• Access limited possible
• Please do not use accompanying persons
• Disinfect the hands when entering
• Keep distance (also at the checkout)
• Compliance with hygiene rules


Services El Mundo Studio

We work normally again according to our calendar! Arrange your appointment online or on 031 311 61 14 (spontaneous appointments available, if possible).

• Piercing sting
• Remove Dermal Anchors
• Earholes for newborns
• Tattoo sting

For follow-up checks you can come to us spontaneously.

• First cuts
• Control of discomfort in freshly pierced piercings


Services El Mundo Shop

All services can be done spontaneously again, you don't need an appointment for a visit to the shop! Please remember that we can only let in people to a limited extent and come alone if possible.

• Replace lost piercing parts
• Shortening of piercings
• Re-inserting of out-of-the-way piercings
• Switching piercings
• Control of discomfort after healing
• Shoot earholes (from 4 years)
• Forms for the pre-meeting for a tattoo