Magnetic implants


By implanting a magnet, it is possible to feel magnetic fields and to lift and hold various objects (up to about the weight of a fork) using the magnet. Although the magnet can attract relatively heavy objects, it is too weak to damage smartphones or bank cards.

The magnets we use are almost half an inch high and of cylindrical shape. The implants are neodymium magnets which are first coated with gold and then coated with medical silicone in an injection molding process. The special coating protects the implants from corrosion, as corroded magnets could decompose and need to be removed from the finger.

Usually, the magnets are implanted in the fingertips. With the help of a needle or scalpel, the magnet is inserted into the adipose tissue of the fingertip, but the small injury of the puncture or cut does not have to be sewn, but can be closed with Steri strips.

During the first healing period (approx. 1 month) it is important that the implant is not yet played and experimented with too much, especially not with heavy objects, as the body could otherwise reject the implant again.

We advise people who exercise, which requires a lot of strength in the fingers or who have to put a lot of strain on the fingers when working, fromhaving a magnet implanted, as the factors mentioned can damage the implant.

Likewise, the implants are not suitable for people who regularly need to go to the MRI.

We would like to point out that there is still a residual risk, that the body can reject the implant and that it must be removed accordingly.

The price of a magnetic implant is 250.-, including insertion, post-treatment and possible removal.

Further information can be found on the website of Steve Haworth, a pioneer in the field of gastric implantation ( or we will be happy to advise you in our studio.

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