It is important for anyone interested and interested to know what a piercing costs. For this reason, we hereby publish all our prices, including everything,without any additional costs. All prices include not only the piercing but also the jewelry of your choice, a suitable disinfection centerl for aftercare (if necessary on plaster or silicone protective gel) and free follow-up checks of your piercing. You can pay for your piercing in our studio in cash or with the post or debit card – or of course with one of our vouchers.

Belly button

Belly button – Piercing at El-Mundo Tattoo and Piercing in Bern

The navel piercing is pierced vertically through the upper or lower skin fold.

The navel piercing requires intensive and careful care, as this game is constantly strained by running, bending and clothing. It is important to pay attention to suitable garments that do not press or rub on the piercing site (e.g. belt).

Belly button piercing Price: 140.–


Chest – Piercing at El-Mundo Tattoo and Piercing in Bern

The nipple piercing can be pierced through the nipple in any orientation and is worn by both men and women. Since only the nipple is pierced as such, often expressed concerns about complications of breastfeeding are unfounded.

Nipple piercing Price: 150.–


Dermal-Anchor – Piercing at El-Mundo Tattoo and Piercing in Bern

The Dermal-Anchor is a transdermal implantconsisting of a small titanium plate and an attachment screwed up by an internal thread. A small tissue removal is used to place the platelet under the skin, so that the attachment comes to lie flat on the skin surface.
Dermal anchors can be attached to almost all parts of the body, and they are also popular to supplement tattoos. Note that for the successful healing of a dermal anchor, a body area should be chosen, at which sufficient skin is present and where the piercing is protected from regular pressure and friction.
We would be happy to advise you in the studio.

Dermal Anchor Price: 150.–


Face – Piercing at El-Mundo Tattoo and Piercing in Bern

Some of the most popular piercings are attached to the face. For example, the noseor labret piercing. The face is probably the place on the body where piercings can be most noticeable.
Since a piercing on the face changes the appearance, the application of a piercing to the face should be carefully considered.
Note that most piercings cannot and should not be removed during the healing period – so you may also want to check with your employer if you are allowed to wear piercings on your face.

Nose piercing Price: 80.–

Septum Price: 140.–

Labret Price: 120.–

Madonna Price: 120.–

Ashley Price: 120.–
Eskimo Price: 120.–

Medusa Price: 120.–

Lip ribbons Price: 120.–

Tongue Price; 150.–

Tongue band Price: 120.–

Cheek Price: 120.–/piece

Eyebrow Price: 120.–

Bridge Price: 150.–


Intimate – Piercing at El-Mundo Tattoo and Piercing in Bern

If you are interested in an intimate piercing, a preliminary interview with the piercer /piercer is usually conducted. Our piercers will educate you personally about some aspects of intimate piercing.
You are welcome to visit us spontaneously in the studio for the preliminary discussion and then make an appointment or the preliminary interview will alternatively be held immediately before the stabbing date.
Below you will find some of the often desired intimate piercingsthat we offer in the studio, if you have another wish, please contact our piercing team.

Christina Price: 200.–

Clitoris foreskin Price: 200.–

Pubic Price: 200.–

Frenulum Price: 200.–

Hafada Price: 200.–


Magnetic implants

Magnet Implant – Piercing at El-Mundo Tattoo and Piercing in Bern

The magnetic implant costs 250,–.

By implanting a magnet, it is possible to feel magnetic fields and to lift and hold various objects (up to about the weight of a fork) using the magnet. Although the magnet can attract relatively heavy objects, it is too weak to damage smartphones or bank cards.

The magnets we use are almost half an inch high and of cylindrical shape. The implants are neodymium magnets which are first coated with gold and then coated with medical silicone in an injection molding process. The special coating protects the implants from corrosion, as corroded magnets could decompose and need to be removed from the finger.

Usually, the magnets are implanted in the fingertips. With the help of a needle or scalpel, the magnet is inserted into the adipose tissue of the fingertip, but the small injury of the puncture or cut does not have to be sewn, but can be closed with Steri strips.

During the first healing period (approx. 1 month) it is important that the implant is not yet played and experimented with too much, especially not with heavy objects, as the body could otherwise reject the implant again.

We advise people who exercise, which requires a lot of strength in the fingers or who have to put a lot of strain on the fingers when working, from having a magnet implanted, as the factors mentioned can damage the implant.

Likewise, the implants are not suitable for people who regularly need to go to the MRI.

We would like to point out that there is still a residual risk, that the body can reject the implant and that it must be removed accordingly.

The price of a magnetic implant is 250.-, including insertion, post-treatment and possible removal.

Further information can be found on the website of Steve Haworth, a pioneer in the field of gastric implantation ( or we will be happy to advise you in our studio.


Ear – Piercing at El-Mundo Tattoo and Piercing in Bern

The ear offers a variety of ways to wear a piercing. With us, all piercings in the cartilage area are pierced with the needle. It is not recommended to shoot the ear hole with a shot pressure device, as this puts an enormous strain on the tissue and increases the risk of infection. In addition, this technique leads to increased pressure pain, which often persists for years to come. As an alternative to stinging with the peripheral venous catheter, ear cartilage piercings can also be punched, removing part of the cartilage to bring about a faster healing. We would be happy to advise you in the studio on the various possibilities and techniques.
In the following you will find some pictures for inspiration, but a piercing can be attached to almost any part of the ear according to your wishes.


Praise, engraved Price: 40.– (in the studio, with appointment) / Lobe, shot Price: 25.– (in the shop, spontaneous)

Helix Price: 120.–

Tragus Price: 120.–

Forward Helix Price: 120.–

Rook Price: 120.–

Outer Conch Price: 120.–

Inner Conch Price: 120.–

Industrial Price: 180.–

Piercing stretching

Piercing stretch at El-Mundo Tattoo and Piercing Studio in Bern

You can have your piercing stretched with us. A conical stretching rod is used, which is previously coated with sliding gel and carefully inserted into the stitch channel. The jewelry with a larger diameter is then attached to the end of the stretching rod and pushed behind.

Price per stretching operation: 25,–.

General information on piercing stretching

Elongation rate:

The recommended elongation rate is 1mm per month. Stretching a piercing requires some patience, as the tissue takes a few weeks between steps to loosen and not to freeze in case of further enlargements.

Self-contained stretching:

To stretch your piercing independently, you need a suitable tool. The best is a stretch ingesnot or a stretch spiral. It is important that you enter the recommended elongation rate and use a lubricant such as Vaseline or an oil (jojoba oil, Vitami-E oil, etc.).


In order to avoid increased talgab storage and odour formation, both the jewel and the stitch canal should be cleaned regularly with antibacterial soap. In order to reduce sebum formation, materials such as wood and horn should be used. These materials breathe better than metal or plastic.

Growing back of the stretched piercing:

The stretched stitch channel recurs by a few millimeters after removing the jewelry or after some time (usually 5-10mm). Fast-stretched channels often close slightly more slightly than slow-stretched channels. The regrowth also depends on the age and tissue of the wearer.

Risks & Dangers:

When stretching, the skin is often thinner and more permeable to bacteria, which increases the risk of infection. With stretched piercings in the mouth area, the jewelry can lead to tooth damage and impair speech. If stretching steps are too large or too fast, tissue damage occurs. In addition, too much stretched connective tissue, as well as deformations of cartilage tissue can usually not be reversed.


Surface – Piercing at El-Mundo Tattoo and Piercing in Bern

Surface piercings / SurfacePiercings refer to piercings in which puncture and puncture site are on the same level, which are thus pierced flat through the skin surface.
There are different parts of the body that are suitable for surface piercing. Here are some examples. For further information and advice, please contact us.

Neck Price: 150.–

Clavicle Price: 150.–/piece

Hip piercing Price: 150.-/piece

Sternum Price:150.–

Anti-eyebrow Price: 150.–