Dermal Anchor

CHF 150.00 30 minutes

The Dermal Anchor is a transdermal implant consisting of a small titanium plate and an attachment screwed up by an internal thread. A small tissue removal is used to place the platelet under the skin, so that the attachment comes to lie flat on the skin surface.
Dermal anchors can be attached to almost all parts of the body, and they are also popular to supplement tattoos. Note that for the successful healing of a Dermal Anchor, a body area should be chosen, at which sufficient skin is present and where the piercing is protected from regular pressure and friction. Importantly, you know that the piercing in the skin surface won’t last forever – they can grow out very quickly or last very long – in any case, we’ll help you remove the anchor for free for free if it wants to get out or get out at some point. Ss. We would be happy to advise you personally and without obligation in our studio on all essential aspects of Dermal Anchors.


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