Forward Helix

CHF 120.00 30 minutes

The Forward Helix Piercing is a particularly elegant and discreet ear cartilage piercing – in many cases it is worn in a row for two or three to decorate the whole front earpiece. As with any piercing on the ear cartilage, it is important that the piercing is attached with the needle and not with the earhole gun, so that the cartilage is not unnecessarily injured. If you plan to do more than one Forward Helix Piercing, it’s a good thing that you can put them in a bit of a time, so that the body can focus on the healing of each individual piercing. Like any cartilage piercing, it requires rest, care, good care and a little patience during the first healing phase. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you in the studio.


First information about your piercing and the right aftercare can be found here.

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