Inner Conch

CHF 120.00 30 minutes

The Inner Conch Piercing has grown massively in popularity in recent years – although you can see it worn a lot with a ring, it is important that during the healing phase the first few months a plug is worn to relieve the fresh piercing from the pressure. However, it is easily possible to wear the piercing with a ring after healing. For the first plug you can choose a nice attachment with us in the studio as you like, which is already included in the price. Like any cartilage piercing, the Inner Conch Piercing is pierced with the needle so that the cartilage is not unnecessarily injured. Since the surrounding ear protects the piercing well, it usually heals uncomplicatedly, but certainly needs rest, care and good care at the beginning. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you in the studio.


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