Outer Conch

CHF 120.00 30 minutes

The Outer Conch Piercing is related to helix piercing, but is usually more central to the ear. It is important to know that with the classic Outer Conch positioning only plugs can be worn later, the place is especially suitable for flat, larger jewelry attachments. As with any piercing on the cartilage, it is important that the piercing is attached with the needle and not with the earhole gun, so that the cartilage is not unnecessarily injured. Furthermore, the Outer Conch Piercing needs peace, care, a short follow-up, so that the jewelry is not too long and, like any piercing on the cartilage, simply a little patience in healing. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you in the studio.


First information about your piercing and the right aftercare can be found here.

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