CHF 40.00 30 minutes

With the classic ear holes, there are two ways in which they can be attached. On the one hand, the first 2-3 earholes can still be pierced with the earhole gun, or of course also with the needle. As long as the piercing only passes through the soft flesh on the earlobe and not through the hard cartilage, the body can usually heal the injury by the earhole gun well. But as soon as the earholes come close to the cartilage, it makes sense to attach the holes with the needle. Earholes that you want to have made with the earhole gun, you can spontaneously have it done with us in the shop at the Schweizerhofpassage – they cost 25.- including jewellery and disinfectant. If you would rather have the holes made with the needle, please register quickly for an appointment with us in the studio – the cost is 40.- per hole including piercing jewelry and disinfectant. If you are unsure which way is right for your situation, please contact us undecided, we will be happy to advise you.


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