CHF 150.00 30 minutes

Tongue piercing has always been one of the most popular and at the same time one of the most feared piercings around which many myths and half-truths are rife. Basically, you need to know that the mucous membrane in the mouth is one of the most competent tissue types when it comes to healing. Your piercing can actually swell the first few days, but it’s healed perfectly after just a few weeks. It is important that you get a little smart beforehand (e.g. by looking at the care sheet on our website), clarify all your questions personally with us and then keep calm and let your body work – that’s what it has to do. With us in the studio we are happy to explain all the essential aspects and are always there for you even after the sting.


First information about your piercing and the right aftercare can be found here.

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