Piercing stretching

CHF 25.00 30 minutes

You can have your piercing stretched with us. A conical stretching rod is used, which is previously coated with sliding gel and carefully inserted into the stitch channel. The jewelry with a larger diameter is then attached to the end of the stretching rod and pushed behind.

Price per stretching operation: 25.–. (2mm)

General information on piercing stretching

Elongation rate:

The recommended elongation rate is 1mm per month. Stretching a piercing requires some patience, as the tissue takes a few weeks between steps to loosen and not to freeze in case of further enlargements.

Self-contained stretching:

To stretch your piercing independently, you need a suitable tool. The best is a stretch ingesnot or a stretch spiral. It is important that you comply with the recommended elongation rate and use a lubricant such as Vaseline or an oil (jojoba oil, Vitami-E oil, etc.).


In order to avoid increased talgab storage and odour formation, both the jewel and the stitch canal should be cleaned regularly with antibacterial soap. In order to reduce sebum formation, materials such as wood and horn should be used. These materials breathe better than metal or plastic.

Growing back of the stretched piercing:

The stretched stitch channel recurs by a few millimeters after removing the jewelry or after some time (usually 5-10mm). Fast-stretched channels often close slightly more slightly than slow-stretched channels. The regrowth also depends on the age and tissue of the wearer.

Risks & Dangers:

When stretching, the skin is often thinner and more permeable to bacteria, which increases the risk of infection. With stretched piercings in the mouth area, the jewelry can lead to tooth damage and impair speech. If stretching steps are too large or too fast, tissue damage occurs. In addition, too much stretched connective tissue, as well as deformations of cartilage tissue can usually not be reversed.


First information about your piercing and the right aftercare can be found here.

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