Tattoo Care Principles by El-Mundo Tattoo Studio in Bern

The first care

If your tattoo has been covered with normal plastic wrap, you can carefully remove it after about 4 hours with clean hands. Clean the tattoo gently with lukewarm waterto remove any residues of cream, paint and wound fluid. Then carefully dry your tattoo with a clean cloth and apply a thin layer of tattoo cream or bepanthen blue.

If your tattoo has been covered with self-adhesive protective film, you can use it 1-max. 2 days leave on the tattoo. The protective film can then be easily removed in the shower. After cleaning with lukewarm water, tupe your tattoo as described above and apply a thin layer of tattoo cream or bepanthen blue.

The first night

Pack your tattoo again with plastic wrap during the first 2 nights (only you have the self-adhesive protective film on it anyway). First apply a thin layer of cream and then cover the tattoo with normal cling film. So your tattoo doesn’t dry out and your bed stays clean. In the morning you can remove the foil and rinse with lukewarm water. Then apply a thin layer of cream again.

Tattoo creams

To maintain your tattoo, a special tattoo cream is best. You can buy such creams from us in the studio or in the pharmacy. Alternatively, you can also cream your tattoo with Bepanthen blue. Keep in mind that only the blue is suitable for the Bepanthen creams, do not use Bepanthen-Plus or disinfectant sprays under any circumstances, otherwise the tattoo will dry out and color pigments may dissolve from the skin.

The further care

Apply a thin layer of cream several times a day (3-5x daily)so that your tattoo does not dry out. Cream your tattoo until all the encrudes have completely dissolved.


It is perfectly normal that encruples form on your new tattoo. It’s important that you don’t scratch these crusts under any circumstances so as not to hurt your tattoo. Also normal is a slightly silver shimmering film (silver skin)that forms on your tattoo in the first few weeks, which goes away by itself and points away and shows the progress in healing. Itching is a good sign of healing and can be mitigated by additional incidences.


Make sure you don’t shower your fresh tattoo too long and not too hot. Also avoid contact with shower creams and other cosmetic products. It’s best to rinse your tattoo with clean, lukewarm water.

Full bath, swimming pool, sauna and sports

For the first 3 weeks, refrain from full baths, sauna and swimming pool! Do not exercise excessively during the first week, as sweating irritates the injured skin.


Protect your fresh tattoo during the first 3 weeks before direct sunlight. Also make sure to cream the tattoo with a high sun protection factor when you go to the sun.


During the first week, make sure you wear wide clothing so that it doesn’t scrub or stick to your fresh tattoo. Also to be avoided are pressure points by shoes, straps, etc. Also make sure that your tattoo is well protected at work and does not come into contact with dirt or dust.

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