Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tattoo

Below you will find various categories of questions about tattoo, which are regularly asked to us. We hope to be able to provide you with some answers with these FAQs. If you have a question that cannot be answered by our website, please contact us by phone or use our contact form.

Freshly tattooed – what now?

How do I maintain my tattoo?
After the sting, your tattoo will be packed with a little plastic wrap, which you can remove at home after about 4 hours. Then carefully clean your tattoo with lukewarm water and remove all residues of ink, cream and blood. Gently dry your tattoo with a household paper and then let it dry briefly before applying a thin layer of cream. During the first few nights, it is recommended to cover the tattoo again after creaming with a foil. During the day, the tattoo should occasionally be covered with a thin layer of ointment so that it does not dry out. The encrustations dissolve with the creaming after a few weeks independently and should not be scratched under any circumstances. Take care of your tattoo for a few more days when the encrudes have completely dissolved.
Which ointment is suitable for maintaining my tattoo?
To cream your tattoo, we recommend Bepanthen Blue or an ointment specially designed for aftercare of tattoos. Please do not use highly greasy ointments such as Vaseline or Nivea, as the tattoo underneath cannot breathe. Similarly, disinfecting ointments or scar crumes are not suitable for the care of your tattoo.
Can I continue to exercise despite my freshly engraved tattoo?
We recommend that you try to avoid sweat-driving activities during 2 weeks so that the sweat does not contaminate your tattoo.
Can I go swimming despite my freshly engraved tattoo?
Do not use sauna, solarium, visits to the indoor pool or full baths in the bathtub for 2-4 weeks, so that the encrudes do not decompose and bacteria can penetrate the skin.
What do I have to consider when i have a fresh tattoo?
Try to wear clothes during the first week that are not tight on the tattoo so that the friction does not damage the encrustation. Also make sure your clothes are clean, but not newly purchased. Try to protect your tattoo with your clothes from direct sunlight in the summer.

Bless you

I regularly take medication - can I still get tattooed?
If you regularly take medications, we kindly ask you to indicate this on the consent form. Please note that heavily blood-thinning medications must be discontinued at least 2 weeks before tattooing; it is therefore recommended that you seek advice from your doctor and consult with him. Caution should also be exercised with strong acne preparations, which must be discontinued at least two weeks before tattooing. In case of doubt, contact your doctor before the stabbing appointment or check with our tattooists in advance whether or not to get tattooed under the intake of your medication – you do so for your health.
I am currently taking antibiotics - can I still get tattooed?
Taking antibiotics does not get you tattooed with us, as your immune system is already weakened by the antibiotics and unwanted complications can occur when the tattoos are healed. We recommend that you give your body at least 2 weeks of rest after taking the antibiotics completely before getting tattooed.
I am allergic to latex, or disinfectant, what do I have to consider?
We kindly ask you to indicate all known allergies on the consent so that we can respond accordingly. In case of latex allergy, we will work with nitrile gloves to avoid allergic reactions of the skin in customer contact. If there are known allergies to certain disinfectants for cleaning the skin, we kindly ask you to make your team aware of this so that we can take this into account accordingly.
I may be allergic to ingredients in tattoo colors – can I still get tattooed?
If an already known intolerance of ingredients is present in products for hair coloring, we kindly ask you to address this in a preliminary discussion with the tattooist. If possible, check with your doctor to see if you can get tattooed and arrange an appointment with your tattooist for an allergy test. In this allergy test, a small dot is stung to check the skin’s reaction to the color.
Is it possible to pierce scars with a tattoo?
If you want to have an existing scar covered with a tattoo, one of our tattooists must first look at the scar to ensure a good result. Depending on the age and expression of the scar, covering by a tattoo is feasible or not.


Can I get tattooed on any body?
Basically, almost every part of the body can be tattooed, but it should be borne in mind that every part of the body and thus the tattoo changes with age. Our tattooists will educate you in detail about your desired body area and advise on its suitability. We also reserve the right not to apply the first tattoo to all parts of the body, such as the wrist, hands, neck or face. Places that are generally not particularly suitable for tattooing, such as the fingers or feet, require clarification with the tattooist.
Can I have a UV tattoo or an all-white tattoo done with you?
No, we don’t offer these types of tattoos in our studio.
Can I have a foreign tattoo pierced with you?
If you want to stab a foreign tattoo, one of our tattooists has to look at your tattoo first, then the feasibility will be decided. The piercing of foreign tattoos is charged according to a normal hourly approach. Sign up for this during our meeting times in the studio.
Can I have a cover-up done with you?
One of our tattooists needs to look at the existing tattoo so that it can be decided whether a cover up is sensible and feasible. Sign up for this during our meeting times in the studio.
What pain do I have to expect when i am tattooing?
The feeling of tattooing can be compared to burning a sunburn. Depending on the body area, the intensity of the burning is stronger or weaker, but the feeling of survival is always. In order to be able to withstand the duration of the tattoo with as little pain as possible, it is important to prepare the body with sufficient sleep and food, then it is more persistent and the tattooing hurts less.
Can I take prophylactic painkillers before tattooing?
We ask you not to take painkillers before tattooing, as these partly dilute the blood, which is not very conducive to applying the paint to the skin. If you sleep enough before your appointment and eat well, getting the burn when tattooing isn’t really a problem.
How long does it take for my tattoo to heal?
From the first few days, small encrudes begin to form on your tattoo. Once all the encrudes have been completely solved, your tattoo will be completely healed. Depending on the body position, it takes different lengths until all the crusts have dissolved, but as a rule you can assume about 2-6 weeks.


From what age can I get tattooed?
According to cantonal regulations, you are not allowed to get tattooed until you are 18 years old. Unlike piercings, we don’t tattoo underage people with parental authority in our studio. Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse certain tattoo requests depending on the age, be it because of the motif or the desired body area.
I want to get tattooed - what do I have to do?

Our tattooists will be available during the meeting hours (Thursday from 8-9 p.m. and Saturdays from 4-5 p.m.) for a first non-binding clarification of your tattoo request. During the meeting times, you can visit unannounced and spontaneously. Bring ideas, sketches or templates to this first conversation, if any, then both parties can get more precise ideas. If the right tattooist is found and you want to make an appointment to sting, the tattooist will record your personal details and your tattoo request. When you agree on a fixed date, a deposit of 100.- for smaller tattoos, of 200.- for larger tattoos is due. This deposit will reserve your appointment and compensate the tattooist for making your template. The deposit paid will be deducted from the total price after the tattoo. If desired, a meeting date will be arranged before the stabbing date, at which you can view your template and make any changes.

Can I make an appointment by phone?
Since our tattooist coordinates their appointments themselves, you cannot make an appointment with our receptionist on the phone. Since it is also necessary to decide whether your wish can be implemented sensibly, it is necessary that you visit our tattooists at the meeting times.
Do I need to bring my own tattoo template?
It certainly helps our tattooists if you bring pictures with similar motifs or at most your own sketches, so that they can better imagine what you want. After the first conversation, however, your tattooist will make your own sketch, so each tattoo is unique.
Can I see the template before the stabbing?
If desired, you can arrange a meeting with your tattooist, where you can view your sketch about a week before the stabbing date and attach any change requests.
Will my deposit be refunded?

If the stabbing date has to be postponed for health reasons, the deposit will remain – but you will have to unsubscribe at least 48hours in advance! In case of unfounded no-show at the stabbing date, the deposit will not be refunded. Nor will the deposit be refunded if a sketch has already been made. If the schedule expires, your deposit will be deducted from the total price after completion of the tattoo.

How long is the waiting time for a tattoo?
As a rule, the waiting time for a smaller tattoo is between 4-8 weeks, for a larger tattoo depending on the between 4-12 weeks. These waiting times are within the normal range and can be easily calculated. Keep in mind that your tattoo will accompany you for the rest of your life and should be well thought out and carefully implemented.
How much will my tattoo cost?
If you bring us your sketch, we can tell you pretty much how much your tattoo will cost. In general, the hourly approach of our tattooists is 200.-/h, larger projects are billed in several sessions according to this hourly approach, for smaller tattoos you will receive a flat offer. Keep in mind that your tattoo will accompany you for the rest of your life and that cheap but badly engraved tattoos can’t always be corrected.
Can I choose my own tattooist?

On our website you will find the portraits and works of our tattooists, so that you can get an overview. Of course, you can choose your own tattooist, but he may give you a recommendation for a colleague who could implement your wish even better.

How do I prepare for my sting ingesty and what do I have to bring?
We recommend that you abstain from alcohol and drug use 24 hours before your sting date and appear well rested at your appointment. Furthermore, do not forget to eat and drink enough before the appointment so that your body and circulation are well prepared. As a rule, it is recommended to wear wide and comfortable clothing. Keep in mind that, depending on the area of the body, certain garments must be completely removed or, if necessary, easily soiled. Otherwise, you only need to bring your ID card at your appointment.
Can I bring an accompanying person to my appointment?
You may bring an accompanying person who is allowed to accompany you until shortly before the beginning of the tattoo. However, if the stinging is started, no additional persons may be in the tattoo studio for hygienic reasons and space reasons.
Do I have to come by for follow-up after the stabbing?
As a rule, your tattooist will ask you to show your tattoo quickly after 4-6 weeks. He then decides whether certain parts of the tattoo must be pierced at best.
Why do I need to have my tattoo pierced?
It is perfectly normal that, depending on the body’s location, not all color particles are absorbed by the body. This manifests itself in some small places where the tattoo is lighter or even a little color is missing. The first piercing of your tattoo is included in the price.