Piercing at El Mundo in Bern


I am a professionally trained piercer and have been doing this fascinating job independently since 2003. I spent my apprenticeship years with piercing professionals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In my piercing career I have already done more than 20,000 piercings and more are added every day.


I had the privilege of being personally trained as a piercer at Mathias’ El Mundo. It was a matter of course for me that I wanted to continue his handwriting after my training in the Studio El Mundo. Since 2012 I have been in the studio several days a week to fulfill the wishes of the customers for individuality and aesthetic change in the form of body jewelry. I appreciate the daily surprises in customer contact and practice my craft with dedication and a lot of joy.


Before joining the El Mundo team, I graduated from the High School of Nursing and worked for a long time in the Inselspital. With my experience of caring for patients and their medical background in expertise, I have been perfectally supplementing the team since 2016. I appreciate the customer contact very much and help to implement the wishes of the customers in the best possible way.